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Olga Berezovsky


Analytics and Data Science leader with a passion for developing great products and tackling data challenges. I connect business with technology, develop partnerships, and mentor data analysts.

My vision

I want to change the way you think about data analysis. Data by itself doesn't bring any value. I use sophisticated data processing and transformation tools—combined with passion, creativity, and analytics—to tell a story with data that reveals its value and relevance. By performing data acquisition and developing user insights, I drive recommendations that can shape your product and maximize its value. To learn how I do this, subscribe to my newsletter:


Product and Data Analytics:

  • A/B and multivariate testing experiment evaluation
  • User growth and engagement - metrics and KPIs definitions, calculation, reporting, and scaling strategy
  • User retention and churn measurement analysis
  • User segmentation and cohort analysis, developing personas
  • LTV and revenue forecasting

Data Science and Data Engineering:

  • Predictive modeling
  • Testing experiment design
  • Data modeling and building forecasts and prediction models
  • Developing and maintaining ETL, stored procedures
  • Schema design and dimensional data modeling
  • Reporting development and automation
quantitative user profile analysis forecasting modeling user acquisition user retention user growth user segmentation product testing experiment setup & evaluation cohort analysis qualitative research text analysis long-term trends analysis lifetime value estimation subscription-based model analysis regression models

Recent analytics projects

  • Made recommendations for optimizing email programs which resulted in 3 times reduced unsubscribes and 2 times increased open rate
  • Scaled from 55% to 85% user retention by uncovering user behavior and conducting user cohort analysis
  • Developed and automated tools for auditing and validation of data tables that improved reporting consistency and reliability
  • Built forecast time series to predict user and revenue growth
  • Developed and automated the A/B testing framework that included experiment setup and evaluation
  • Developed multivariable product experiment plan and strategy that led to 2x increased revenue and 25% reduced churn
  • Increased DAU/MAU ratio by developing user segments quantitative profile
  • Designed and implemented the binary classification ML model to predict a user's likelihood to upgrade or downgrade to support marketing initiates that resulted in a 30% reduced Customer Acquisition Cost

Recent publications

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