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I’m Olga, an analyst, data scientist, and big data enthusiast. Born in Ukraine and based in San Francisco. I lead a product analytics team at MyFitnessPal, previously - Change.org, Microsoft, First Republic Bank. I’m an analyst both at heart and by choice, and I do believe that math rules the universe.

One of my favorite things to do is to stare coldly into foreboding time series charts until they permanently burn into my retinas. When I am not doing that, I write about all the data things people make me do at work with the hope to expand and advance analytics.

With over a decade of trial and error, I share what good or bad analysis practice is, what framework to use to best solve a challenge, what interviewers look for, how to hire the best analysts, and how to successfully structure and grow data teams. Subscribe to my newsletter.

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In 2020, I co-authored a book - Analytics Interpreted: A Compilation of Perspectives - a curation of leadership, perspectives, and frameworks across data analysis, strategy, modeling, visualization techniques, case studies, etc. Proceeds of the book go towards the Data Science Summer Camp and analytics programs curated by the Women In Analytics community to provide free resources to young women.

This year, I joined the Board of Directors of UCARE (Ukrainian Children's Aid and Relief Effort) whose mission is to help and support Ukrainian orphans and children deprived of parental care. Today UCARE is helping Ukrainian children impacted by the war. We are raising funds to purchase food, clothing, medicine, and bare necessities. Please consider supporting us:

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